Oak Heights Overlook

Lake Edward, Minnesota

Oak Heights Overlook is a new construction project. The red cabinets in the kitchen, field stone fireplaces, and timber beams create a modern farmhouse style that’s easy to relax in. The cabinets in the kitchen are just the beginning. Hints of red appear throughout the entire home; the bedding in the bunk room above the garage, the guest bathroom, and the screen porch accents, creating a continuous color theme. The deck off the back, with the boulder wall below and lighting in the soffit above creates different heights in a wide open view towards the lake.

Landscaping is quaint and simple here. Carefully considering color, arrangement, texture, size, seasonal interest, and maintenance, plant selections help define the Oak Heights Overlook experience. The lakeside retaining wall is a one course, large, field stone boulder wall to help keep the home grounded in the landscape.